It is humbling to discover what readers are saying about The Secret of Willow Inn. I’m honored to share some comments:

“Pat Nichols does a fantastic job of creating characters everyone is sure to fall in love with, a town that knows everyone’s business and has plenty of gossip to share, and a love for their community that will have you both laughing and crying.”

“Loved the contrast between big-city and small-town life. Characters were interesting and interacted well, with a good mix of emotions and tension.”

“The characters come to life against a backdrop of a small town in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, reminiscent of a Jan Karon novel full of quirky and fun people.”

“I loved how Nichols wove fresh starts, second chances, and forgiveness throughout.”

“This story beautifully combines elements of relationship drama and women’s fiction in a character-driven narrative that is hard to put down.”

“The dialogue is crisp and real, characters deep and authentic.”

“Loved, loved, loved this story! I felt many emotions while I read the story of the good folks of Willow Falls.”

“The plot twists and turns were well done, and the townspeople relatable!”

        The tragedy and Willow Inn’s secret past launch Emily and Rachel on a collision course with destiny and truth.

Book two in the Willow Falls Series is scheduled to release  in 2020.