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Jenny’s Grace – standalone romance

Reader Comments:

Nichols did the story justice without the cliches of the usual romance. Oh, how she pulls you into the lives of her characters! Pat Nichols does a great job of making her characters real, including the flaws. Oh, the beautiful, sweet ending—explained all the family secrets, the running, and the heartbreak. It was worth the cringeworthy moments when she pushed away those who cared about her. Pat Nichols hit the mark again! The storyline is unique and interesting and held my attention throughout the story.

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Willow Falls Series

Willow Falls Book 1 – The Secret of Willow Inn Reader Comments

The Secret of Willow Inn is a tale of relationships and forgiveness: family, friends, and business all play into the story. With each chapter I fell more in love with the quaint town of Willow Falls and the people who lived there! I couldn’t stop reading! I loved how the author wove faith, sorrow, redemption, small town and big city living to create a beautiful story – one that reveals God’s divine handiwork.  I highly recommend this book and I have already purchased the second book in the series.

Willow Falls Book 2 – The Trouble in Willow Falls Reader Comments

I enjoyed the first book, but this one was even better! This is such a beautiful, heartwarming story. Willow Falls is a character in itself. A lovely little town with a HUGE heart. Pat Nichols shows the heart of people who care and want to make a difference in life. Small town, big dreams. Wealthy people, destitute people. Warm and loving families, cold and distant families. Can this be a making of a great story? You bet it can! The weaving of the story line and the characters is magnificent! This story is mystery mixed with contemporary romance and will have you on the edge of your seat.

Willow Falls Book 3 – Star Struck in Willow Falls Reader Comments

Good, clean story with characters I wanted to be friends with and a town I could live in. I truly loved this book. The characters and the storyline are great, and the conversational style of writing is wonderful. A small town with some kookie characters, a movie set, ambitious and over excited small town star wannabes and a whole lot of anxious moments make for a good read. The story touches all of your emotions, but the importance of family and friends rings through!

Willow Falls Book 4 – Bridges, Books, and Bones Reader Comments:

Readers Comments: It’s a beautiful continuation of the Willow Falls series, only this time, half the story is set in Venice. Southern fiction at its finest—a must-read. In Pat Nichols’s Bridges, Books, and Bones, not only do we get to return to the lovely little Georgia town of Willow Falls, you will travel across the ocean to the canals of romantic Venice. This warm and friendly town nestled in the North Georgia mountains will capture your heart. Loaded with crazy, lovable characters that make you laugh and sometimes cry, gripping their past in one hand and their future in the other.